Terms of Service for Free Pictolink™ Postings

The following terms of service apply to all Pictolink postings submitted for free presentation on Pictolink.com or any Pictolink partner.

The terms "You" or "your organization" refer to the person or entity which submits the posting. The terms "We", "Us", "Our", and "Pictolink" refer to Edwin Meyer dba Pictolink.com, which controls and operates Pictolink.com. The term "posting service" refers to the Pictolink organization and all computational, data storage, and communication mechanisms used by Pictolink to present postings and information.

  • Cost — All posting services labeled as "free" are provided without charge. Additional non-free services may be offered, but these are strictly optional, and are not required to obtain a free posting.
  • No Warranty — Pictolink makes no express or implied warranty of its posting or other services, including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of functioning, or availability. Pictolink shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the use of the posting service.
  • Termination of Service — The posting service may be interrupted or discontinued at any time, with or without prior notice. Pictolink shall not be liable for any damages arising out of such service interruption or discontinuance.
  • Withdrawal from Program — Your organization may withdraw your Pictolink posting from the posting service and any partner web sites you have chosen at any time by notifying Pictolink.com at its contact postal or email addresses. Pictolink will comply with such requests as soon as practicable.
  • Posting on Partner Web Sites — Unless you indicate otherwise, your posting will be considered for inclusion on all Pictolink partner web sites. Current partner sites are: Pictolink.com, EdwinMeyer.com, and ArtDeadlinesList.com (art-related postings only.)
  • No Performance Guarantee — If your posting is accepted by Pictolink.com and one or more partner web sites, Pictolink and those accepting partners will endeavor to present your Pictolink posting as resource availability permits. However, neither Pictolink nor its partners guarantee that your free posting will actually be displayed on Pictolink.com or any partner web site. Nor does Pictolink or its partners guarantee any specific number of posting "views" or time interval during which the posting will remain available for presentation.
  • Content Standards — Pictolink.com or a presenting partner may at its sole discretion reject any submitted posting or remove any previously accepted posting for any reason it deems sufficient. Postings that contain pornography, obscenity, excessive profanity, or vilely intolerant language ("hate speech"), or which promote illegal activities, or which link to web sites which contain or promote the same, are highly likely to be rejected or removed. Addititonally, the posted web site may not automatically open any "pop-up" or "pop-under" windows.

    Neither Pictolink.com nor its partners monitor the content of the target web site of a Pictolink™ and expressly disclaim responsibiility for same.

    These are general standards applied by Pictolink.com to all postings which are stored on and presented by Pictolink servers. Each partner site may establish its own selection criteria and even more restrictive content standards for Pictolinks and target web sites submitted for display by it.
  • Privacy — Your organizational name, web page URL, and the Pictolink™ components that you provide are considered non-confidential. Additionally, this information associated with performance statistics may be disclosed to potential partners. Pictolink may also publish performance statistics where your identifying information has been removed.

    Pictolink will not publish other information that you provide, nor will Pictolink compile mailing lists that include you or your organization for distribution to outside parties.
  • Terms Subject to Change — These terms of service are subject to change without advance notice. Should you not approve of any change, you agree to request withdrawal from the program and removal of all your postings.