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Introducing the Pictolink ™ Dynamic Graphic Link Technology

A Pictolink ™ is a link to a web page using a graphic rather than a text representation. It is usually embedded in a rectangular "mosaic" of other Pictolinks. Unlike standard text and graphic links, which utilize a two-stage presentation model (notice the link and click to access the underlying web site), the Pictolink technology employs a dynamic three-stage model:

  1. Notice a particular Pictolink in the mosaic,
  2. Move the mouse over the Pictolink to present a box with more information about the Pictolink, and
  3. Click on the Pictolink to access the underlying web site.

The Pictolink technology is particularly well suited to presenting multiple links grouped in a rectangular "mosaic" of arbitrary size and dimensions.

To get a quick idea of how the concept works, move the mouse over different Pictolinks in the sample mosaic at the right edge of this web page to view descriptions for each. Click on any Pictolink that interests you.

Pictolink technology can be used to make a group of links on a web page more effective. It is particularly well suited to implementing

  • Web advertising,
  • Link exchange programs, and
  • Links to affiliate or sponsoring sites.

The Pictolink technology offers significant advantages over traditional text and static graphic links on web pages:

  • Pictolinks are more attractive and attention-getting than text links.
  • The dynamic nature of a Pictolink provides the viewer with more information than a static graphic link.
  • A Pictolink mosaic can be compact yet just as effective in obtaining viewer response as a set of standard links that consume more web page "real estate".
  • A Pictolink mosaic is easy to insert into a web page and can be subsequently managed without further web page modifications.

A Pictolink mosaic with its associated link data is normally stored on a server maintained by Pictolink.com. A Pictolink mosaic can be inserted into a web page simply by adding two short pieces of code: The first piece specifies where on the web page the Pictolink mosaic is to appear, and the second piece loads the JavaScript code needed to implement the Pictolink mosaic and specify its contents.

The Pictolink mosaic dimensions (row & column counts), common pixel size of all Pictolinks in the mosaic, plus the components (images and text descriptions) of each Pictolink are stored on a Pictolink.com server. A web-based interface makes it easy for personnel with ordinary computer skills to change the Pictolink mosaic contents. No modification to the actual host web page is necessary to update the Pictolinks, This eliminates the need for a "webmaster" with specialized skills to maintain the Pictolink mosaic and its contents.

Current Pictolink Partner Sites

The Pictolink technology — currently in "beta" testing — is employed by the following web sites:

  • ArtDeadlinesList.com — Presents Pictolinks of art-related organizations.
  • KaleidoPost.com — Consists solely of a Pictolink mosaic of web sites and blogs having content both interesting and informative to the general public.

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